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Provided that certain conditions are met, the Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program allows foreign nationals to settle in the province of Quebec permanently by purchasing or starting a business.

Program access conditions

Start a business
Purchase a business
Start-up deposit

CAD $200,000
CAD $300,000 if the place of business is located in Montreal

Security deposit

CAD $200,000 guarantees the implementation of your business project. The full amount is refunded once you have demonstrated the completion of your business project.

Net worth

CAD $900,000, either on your own or with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner

Business plan



Business equity ownership

Own and control at least 25% of its equity capital

Own and control at least 51% of its equity capital

Company history

Does not apply

Must have been in operation for at least five years

A variety of programs are available for business people who wish to immigrate to a province other than Quebec.

Why should you do business in Canada?

Access to all of North America (USMCA, ex-NAFTA)

Access to the European market (CETA)

Benefits of the exchange rate effect

Development of new markets

Social, economic and political stability

Our experts can assist you in the following areas

Finding a company to acquire

Business plan development

Incorporation and other legal services

Domestic and international taxes

Accounting services

All HR-related matters

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